Banksy Street Art Defaced

The Financial District in New York is now the proud home to a piece of street art by UK artist Banksy. I went to look at it today and was upset to see that someone had scribbled on top of it. Most cases of graffiti on graffiti wouldn’t warrant much attention, but Banksy is a great artist in his own right, so while some people might not view the defacing of graffiti to be relevant (or even logical), I think it’s a shame. But that got me thinking, who am I to say that Banksy’s work is art and those scribbles are wrecking it? I mean, they’re both graffiti, right? I don’t want to go into a whole diatribe about “What is art?”, but I do want to point out the irony of all this (hence the title “Banksy Street Art Defaced”). I’m not an art critic and don’t claim to be, I just write about things I like…so I’ll try not to  complain too much. It’s just nice to see more art.

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