Cardboard Tube Art

Cardboard tubing, whether it be from toilet paper rolls or industrial strength tubing, is a versatile medium that many artists and designers have experimented with. Below are some amazing examples of what is possible with a cardboard tube.


Toilet paper tube zoo scene by Anastassia Elias


Mini sculpted masks made out of toilet paper roll tubes by Junior Fitz Jacquet. (Link via Village of Joy)


An installation made entirely out of cardboard tubing, by producciones invisibles.


Cardboard tubes can be used as decoration outside a gallery setting too. Japan-based Suppose Design did this for Kazuin Ltd. in Hiroshima, Japan. (Link via iGreenSpot)


Cardboard tubing makes a cheap and stylish wall too. The photo below is from the studio of London-based stylist Stephen Mann. (Link via Geddem)


This gorgeous chair by Matthew Laws is, surprise surprise, also made out of cardboard tubing. Check out Matthew’s website to learn about his process of constructing this well made and stylish chair.

3 Responses to “Cardboard Tube Art”

  1. mathijs says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog! If you like cardboard art check my site

  2. tickin says:

    I was very impressed by the tube chair and tube jungle zoo. The first one, (zoo, Im guessing?) was very inspiring and very unique in its own way. The tube chair really caught my eye, as well. All of these were amazing but the zoo and chair were the ones I gasped at! Thank you!

  3. Sherry L. Benson says:

    Loved your work. Very creative and certainly “out of the box”. I enjoy seeing new are forms. Thank you for sharing.

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