Guide To PAC-MAN Ghosts

As you may know, this past Friday was the 30th birthday of PAC-MAN. In honor of this momentous occasion, I’ve put together a “Guide To PAC-MAN Ghosts”. It features the ghosts you’re all familiar with, plus some exotic species like the Dwight Schrute ghost and the notorious Kim Jong-Il ghost. Click on the image to see it full size. (Illustration by Martin Refsal)

3 Responses to “Guide To PAC-MAN Ghosts”

  1. Jason G says:

    Awesome work! Will be sharing on Facebook!

  2. Nin says:

    I would like to buy this image and use in my project. Please contact me.


  3. Erik says:

    i will by this Pac Man Ghosts .I will this of my Car.Please contact me.
    Thanks Erik

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