Natural vs. Glamour Drawings

I was recently sent photos of these beautiful colored pencil and marker drawings by Decorah, Iowa-based artist Amber Hendricks. This series of realist-meets-surrealist drawings juxtaposes the natural and glamorized appearances of women in modern society.

(Amber can be contacted at

2 Responses to “Natural vs. Glamour Drawings”

  1. Hae Lim :D says:

    AMBER!!!!! SO GREAT!!!! Can you draw me like that too?! I’m proud of you!!! love you!!!
    you are coming back today!!! Im finally gonna have a friend to hang out!!! lol

  2. Di Yin says:

    wow! Amber!! never know these amazing drawings are up here on great job girl!! I’m so looking forward to your back in the States and to visit you sometime next fall at University of Iowa!

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