If you’ve never heard of Dutch designer Helmut Smits then I suggest you look him up because he’s created some really original things. Here are some plant lamps that he made…a simple idea, but oh so cool.

Swedish product designer Eric Therner created diamond shaped light bulbs that will surely delight both fans of irony and fans of superfluous luxury goods. What a clever idea! (Photographs by Jesper Lindstrom)

(Link via TrendHunter)

Edwards Moore, an Australian architecture studio, built these stunning bar stools out of scraps of reclaimed wood as part of the 2010 State of Design festival.

(Link via We Heart)

I absolutely love these upholstered pig sculptures from German designers Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz. Such a neat idea!

(Link via Inspire Me Now)

Bristol-based illustrator David Brownings made a fun series of paper boxes shaped like everyday items. The apple box below is my favorite from his collection. Also worth checking out in David’s portfolio is his series of paper Nike shoes.

(Link via Exhilaration Plantation)

Someone once told me that cutting onions is an art: if you chop them then your eyes will burn but if you carefully slice them your eyes will be spared. I have yet to perfect this art. I typically chop the onions up as fast as I possibly can and then flail about in the kitchen, cursing my burning eyes. André Baumecker managed to see the humor in this culinary torture and made a humorous typographic image out of chopped onions. Clearly he knows something about cutting onions that I don’t.

(Via Flickr)

This set of Lego salt and pepper shakers doesn’t require much of an explanation other than “I want this”. Yay for Legos!

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I just returned from a vacation in the Midwest (which is why I haven’t been posting much). Now that I’m back in NYC I’m missing the outdoors a bit, so seeing the Harvest Rack from designer Monika Piatkowski made me smile. This rake-inspired rack could add a nice splash of color (and country nostalgia) to an urban home.

(Link via Stilsucht)