Diamond Light Bulbs

Swedish product designer Eric Therner created diamond shaped light bulbs that will surely delight both fans of irony and fans of superfluous luxury goods. What a clever idea! (Photographs by Jesper Lindstrom)

(Link via TrendHunter)

2 Responses to “Diamond Light Bulbs”

  1. David Baker says:

    These bulbs are finally on their way to UK and will be available mid June 2011 here at Raw Dice

  2. Michele Nancy says:

    I get it, and these are awesome, but we go through light bulbs in this house like crazy, and it’s not like I can run to the store to grab one of these if one goes out. You should design a case to go over a regular bulb. A lot more people would buy them. These just don’t seem logical. Also, people could totally throw in energy efficient bulbs in them too. Just saying.

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