Strange Bicycle Designs

The world of strange bicycles and bike mods is full bizarre and unique creations. Below are a few fun bikes that I came across recently. This list only scratches the surface of weird bike designs, so if you know of any other cool examples please post a link in the comments section.

This bike called the Roller Shuttle was what first inspired me to find other interesting bicycles. It was recently being auctioned on eBay by UK seller 31baycliff. (The winning bid was £31)


The Forkless Cruiser was Olli Erkkila’s graduation project at the Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland. And yes, it is possible to steer a bike without a fork! Check out Olli’s site for more photos.


Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen’s BauBike was presented at the DMY International Design Festival Berlin in 2009. It breaks the traditional triangular frame mold and instead uses this square frame. While it may not be as structurally sound as a triangular frame, it sure looks cool.


Although Sergio Garcia’s tricycle isn’t really a functional trike I thought it was an interesting piece of design and worth including in this post.


Carriepie made this cool carousel horse bicycle for Burning Man. Such a great idea!


This wicker covered bicycle by artist Jarbas Lopes is part of the collection at Arizona State University.


The SK Cycle Mower is a pedal-powered lawn mower. Get your exercise and make your lawn look good at the same time! This photo of the SK is from Chris Hausbeck’s photostream on flickr.


If pedaling isn’t what you’re into, you could convert your bike into a scooter with the help of this tutorial on Instructables by KoolKat.

6 Responses to “Strange Bicycle Designs”

  1. Norma says:

    The bikes are unlike anything I have seen before! I laughed out loud– great.

  2. One word.. Great! Two words.. Very awesome! Three words.. I love it!

  3. Great post. Thanks!

  4. Mike says:

    awesome. Love the crazy bike. Here are some that I’ve built.

  5. Binda says:

    Absolutely fantastic all these odd bike designs for fun.
    Nos very practical but absolutely funny.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Wow…. amazing. I love all of them, but specially the white one.
    It’s a great gadget for my wedding.
    Thanks for sharing.


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