Carbon Ads

You might have noticed a change to CMYBacon: an advertisement on the left hand side. I’m happy to announce that I was recently invited to join Carbon Ads. Carbon is a premium, invite-only ad network that connects creative-minded websites with relevant, hand picked advertisers. But here’s what makes Carbon really cool: Each site in their network only displays one unobtrusive, rotating ad. No popups or hideous mosaics of irrelevant ads here.

Carbon is fairly new but already has quite a few amazing blogs and design sites in its network (ones that I am honored to be placed alongside of). Take a look at the Design Circle at Carbon to see the other sites. And most importantly, be sure to check out our great advertisers!

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  1. Suad says:

    Congrats on the invite! I have been thinking about experimenting with BuySellAds, but having a huge chunk of my blogs dedicated to ads might not let me sleep very well at night. So, I was wondering – any tips on how to get into the network?

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