Stamp Rugs

Philatelists and Anglophiles rejoice! Rugs that look like UK postage stamps from Stamp Rugs are here! Each rug has the Queen’s head embossed in it, has scalloped edges and is made from New Zealand wool. Snail mail just got a lot cooler.

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  1. alex garnett says:

    Please support original design!

    May I inform you the stamp rug design has existed since 2005 – it was designed and produced by Nahoko Koyama and myself Alex Garnett and exhibited at the Saloni Satellite Milan 2005, Designers Block 2006, and subsequently featured in many magazines UK and internationally and even appeared on The One show in 2008.

    We are taking this up with the manufacturer and royal mail since we have the intellectual property rights.

    I notice the production is ethical – its a shame that ethical values have not yet been applied to the original designers.

    Please look at my website for original design http://WWW.ALEXGARNETT.COM.

    How do young designers such as myself make it?

    Let me know what you think?


    Alex Garnett

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