A few months ago I compiled a list of the Top 20 Image Bookmarking Sites. There were a number of other sites that I discovered after the fact that would have made my list too (a few readers alerted me to some other excellent sites I missed in the comments of that post).

Yesterday I came across a new image bookmarking site that I’m really excited about, which deserves being featured. The site, which is aptly titled Designspiration, is an awesome collection of visual inspiration submitted by users. But its added features make it stand out from many of the other image bookmarking sites out there. For instance, you can filter images by color and to search for images you simply starting typing in a keyword. No need to enter it in a search box. But most of all, the images on the site are just really great.

So, help me out readers…what are some other image bookmarking sites you frequent?


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