Wooden Panton Chair

Slovakian designer Peter Jakubik’s latest creation is the coolest chair I’ve seen in a long time. Inspired by legendary Danish furniture designer Verner Panton’s iconic Panton S chair, Jakubik’s Panton DIY is carved from a single log with a chainsaw. Check out Peter’s Flickr page to see more images.


As Nora pointed out in the comments of this post, the Panton DIY chair is reminiscent of a kubbestol, with a modern and minimalist twist. For those of you wondering what a kubbestol is, it’s a traditional Norwegian chair carved from a solid log and ornately decorated. And it’s pronounced “KOOB-eh-stool”. Check out Norsk Wood Works for more information and photos.





4 Responses to “Wooden Panton Chair”

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  2. nora says:

    Looks like a kubbestol. Ikke sant?

  3. Martin says:

    Yes! It reminds me of a modern take on a kubbestol. I’m going to update this post to include that. Thanks, Nora!

  4. TAGWERC says:

    great idea!

    more information about verner panton: http://blog.verner-panton.de/en/biographie/

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