Mondrian Quilt

This Piet Mondrian-inspired quilt from Reddit user de_stijl (actually he says his girlfriend made it) is such a good idea. I’m surprised I haven’t seen something like this before. Although I’m not exactly up to date with what’s hot in the quilting community so maybe I shouldn’t be so shocked. Be that as it may, I still think this is pretty brilliant.


(Via Reddit)

4 Responses to “Mondrian Quilt”

  1. I concur, a truly lovely quilt.

    There are some proper mad quilting folk out there doing bonkers lovely things. You might be able to persuade one of this lot to make you one: or indeed this lot:

  2. Love it, love it, love it. :)

  3. Martin says:

    Thanks for posting those links, josimmomorgan. Those are some incredible quilters. They’re true artists.

  4. Mary says:

    Love it. And the map on the wall. I’ve got the same!

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