Reorganized Cities

French artist Armelle Caron takes maps of cities and reorganizes the individual blocks into ordered rows. The process transforms a chaotic city into a unrecognizable, but systematic assemblage of shapes. I’ll be honest, the sizes of the images below don’t do the designs justice. Check out Armelle’s website to see larger versions of even more cities, or click on the city names below to see the full size images.


New York


Le Havre


(Via things magazine)

3 Responses to “Reorganized Cities”

  1. Noormah says:

    These city maps, reassembled, have almost an organic feel– ice, trees, grassy stubble. A whole new landscape!

  2. chiefdude says:

    one of the cooler places i have discovered in a few years of wasting my life on the net

  3. Astrid says:

    Saw things like that the first time in this book:
    (from a suisse comedian)

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