A Bunch of Crock

The political climate in American can be pretty ugly at times, but luckily there are people like Phoenix-based designer Safwat Saleem who can point out some of the foolishness. A Bunch of Crock is Safwat’s recent exhibition of provocative and satirical posters that combine vintage imagery with colorful language to expose the absurdities of political campaigns and xenophobia in the US. Below are a few of my favorites. Check out ABunchofCrock.com to learn more about the exhibition and view additional posters.






One Response to “A Bunch of Crock”

  1. Nel says:

    I understand that art takes on many forms. The subject matter of these posters while satirical, can incite much anger. I believe the damage which can be done by promoting these far outweighs the artistic value/ability to show some people’s misguided predjudices. This is exactly why donations to the Arts have dwindled.

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