Keep Calm and Carry Yarn

These hand-pulled Keep Calm and Carry Yarn screen prints by Jennie Glaser, a Brooklyn-based designer and knitting enthusiast, are a crafty twist on the iconic Keep Calm and Carry On poster that was created by the British government at the beginning of World War II (Interestingly enough, the poster was never used until it was rediscovered in 2000 and became a cult hit. For more info, check out the Wikipedia entry on the Keep Calm poster). Take a look at Jennie’s Esty shop to purchase one of her cool posters and let everyone know how you keep your cool.



2 Responses to “Keep Calm and Carry Yarn”

  1. Tinylavafish says:

    I am a pun addict – love it :)

  2. Hilarious! I have seen several takes on this and this is a great one.
    You have got a greaaaat blog!! Love it!!

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