Minimalist Mental Disorder Posters

Creating designs depicting mental disorders can be a touchy endeavor, but I believe that British designer Patrick Smith (aka Graphic Patrick) did a nice job with his project. The OCD poster is my favorite. Be sure to check out Patrick’s great blog, Adapt, too.

Thank you to Max for telling me about these posters!







(Via Adapt)

3 Responses to “Minimalist Mental Disorder Posters”

  1. B says:

    Narcolepsy is hilarious and sophisticated so it isn’t offensive in my opinion.

  2. Rossigna says:

    I love ittt!!!!! Greatings from Peru!1

  3. Matt Rogers says:

    I found this post looking for something else, and glad I did. However, there is one flaw… the shapes on each poster seem to represent a person except for the OCD poster which uses shapes to challenge the observers possible obsessiveness. Other than the small inconsistency I think these are great.

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