Rainbow Keyboard

Gone are the days of the candy colored iMacs (I had a lime green back in the 90′s!). Today you have the choice of a silver or white Mac (I believe Apple discontinued the black MacBook…). So what’s a color lover to do? Well you could always break out those acrylic paints gathering dust in your closet, but my guess is Apple’s warranty policy doesn’t look favorably on do-it-yourself paint jobs. Here’s a safer option:  pick up a rainbow keyboard skin from MagiCastle and have the most colorful MacBook on the block. These prismatic vinyl decals can be purchased from MagiCastle on Etsy ($9.99) or on eBay ($14.99).



2 Responses to “Rainbow Keyboard”

  1. maciphone says:

    I love the rainbow keyboard skin, it looks so young and vibrant!
    Also helpful for people not very familiar with the qwerty keyboard, will help them memorize the places of the letters while learning.

    Macbook Decals

  2. mia says:

    i want that so bad how did u get it?

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