Subway Photos by Maggie Soladay

NYC-based photographer Maggie Soladay is one of my most creative (and coolest!) friends. Her blog, Subways, documents her travels on New York’s public transportation system and the unique characters she encounters on a daily basis. The spontaneous photos of total strangers provide a curious glimpse into the lives of others and remind me why I love New York so much. Here are a few of my favorites. Take a look at Maggie’s blog to see more!







2 Responses to “Subway Photos by Maggie Soladay”

  1. noormah says:

    Love the hamburger pic. Actually, I like them all– fleeting moments of everything from intense concentration to the mundane activities of what a person does while riding the subway.

  2. Matt Alther says:

    I love the Old English Wedding

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