Playmobil Apple Store

I am having a very difficult time containing my excitement over the Playmobil Apple Store play set. When I was a kid I was completely obsessed with Playmobil. I really wanted to get either the pirate ship or the fishing boat, but I got the hospital instead (still awesome, but hospitals don’t have anchors and that’s what made me want a boat). Check out these great images…it even has a Genius Bar and the requisite line of people eagerly awaiting Apple’s newest toy. But here’s the real kicker…this was actually an April Fool’s prank by Think Geek! So, sadly, you can’t really buy this. My hopes and dreams are crushed (3 weeks later than many people apparently).







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  1. erica says:

    omg this is the cutest thing i have ever seen if this were for sale i would want it for my b-day witch is next friday lol…….i love apple sooo much lol

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