Dollar Store Animals

During a trip to a dollar store, Minneapolis-based artist Doug Pedersen decided to try creating a work of art strictly using items purchased from the discount store. After scouring through the array of non-name brand products and paying $5 or $10 (a princely sum by dollar store standards), he made this series of sculptures using plastic toy animals and melted crayons. Incidentally, Doug told me that the low quality crayons that the store sold didn’t melt as easily as traditional Crayola crayons. Apparently certain colors were prone to catching on fire, but don’t worry…no artists or animals were harmed in the making of this project. Visit Doug Pedersen’s website or his Flickr page to see more of his work.








(Photos via Flickr)

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  1. Joe Scrappet says:

    Looks like exactly what it is. Trying to find the ‘art’ in a project that could be carried out passively by leaving junk on the dashboard on a hot day.

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