The Desk Project

Kids of Kathmandu is a non-profit that uses design and photography to raise awareness about orphans in Kathmandu, Nepal and provide a stable financial foundation for the children. The organization was started after its founders, Jami Saunders and Andrew Raible, returned from their honeymoon in Kathmandu in July 2010. For their inaugural project, The Desk Project, Kids of Kathmandu partnered with established NYC architects, designers, artists and woodworkers to create 11 stunning desks to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to pay for the children’s education in Nepal.


I caught up with Jami and Andrew to learn more about the project and what it’s been like working with all of the incredible artists and furniture designers. Here’s what Andrew had to say:


“The best part of putting The Desk Project together has been the curation of the project.  Though we gave the same parameters to each for the desk design, the unfolding of the final designs was incredible for me, and being involved in these 10 different processes [Andrew created the 11th desk] was a unique experience. Most of us as designers in New York know each other from years of furniture shows and the business in general, but to work towards a common goal, and a goal that is obviously very important to me, was and is very rewarding. We have many ideas for our future projects and I’m really looking forward to building upon what we’ve established with The Desk Project.”

Visit The Desk Project to see all the cool desks (and bid on them!) and learn about the designers. Kids of Kathmandu will have its Inaugural Fundraising Gala on May 12, 2011 where you can see the desks, as well as a photography exhibit documenting Nepali orphans.





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