CMYBacon is on Instagram

So recently I joined Instagram, the popular photo-sharing social network, and I’m already hooked. Why am I writing a post about this? Well, as great as Instagram is, it would be even better if I had more cool people to follow. That’s the whole point of a “social network” right? Feel free to post your Instagram handle in the comments section and I’ll follow you back. Or you can search for my profile and start following me. My handle is cmybacon. Depending on the responses I receive I’m thinking it might be fun to host a little Instagram photo contest for CMYBacon readers…but we’ll take it one step at a time.

2 Responses to “CMYBacon is on Instagram”

  1. amlawdaily says:

    amlawdaily – that’s right, we’re on instagram.

  2. powerlocks says:

    powerlocks – I’m looking forward to your pics!

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