Ostrich Personal Nap Environment

Some of the best designs are inspired by nature. Kawamura Ganjavian’s “personal nap environment” is inspired by none other than nature’s napping expert: the noble ostrich. This little contraption, which is aptly named Ostrich, offers a place to take a quick power nap at work. Kawamura Ganjavian’s description goes on to say, “It is neither a pillow nor a cushion, nor a bed, nor a garment, but a bit of each at the same time. Its soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates our head and hands (mind, senses and body) for a few minutes, without needing to leave our desk.” So will you co-workers think you’re weird if you burrow into this after lunch? Probably. But will they be jealous? Incredibly so.




5 Responses to “Ostrich Personal Nap Environment”

  1. Miss Vidal says:

    I would get completely claustrophobic in this

  2. Agreed. And now that I think about it, it would probably be hard to breathe in that thing. I suppose you could use a snorkel for extended naps. Ha!

  3. Marcia says:

    Agree also and wonder just what it would do to one’s hair?

  4. D_Alfonso says:

    I hope there’s some sort of hole to breath through, ugh.

  5. mr. no says:

    naps are for babies, as is milk. coffee black is for adults, and lots of it. I like the way it looks however

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