CityFabric: Wearable City Maps

CityFabric is a young design and apparel startup in Raleigh, NC whose mission is to engage people in conversations about their cities. For starters, that shouldn’t be too hard because everyone loves to talk about where they’re from, but these great shirts (as well as prints, totes and pillows) will make it even more likely that a stranger will strike up a conversation about your home town. The designs feature figureground maps, which show the building footprints of a city, as opposed to the streets and transit lines.

Currently, CityFabric is crowdsourcing funding on Kickstarter to expand their “Wear You Live” line of t-shirts and totes to include 13 US cities. So show your support for your city and/or your cartography obsession and donate to this great civic-minded startup!







(images via Flickr and Kickstarter)

4 Responses to “CityFabric: Wearable City Maps”

  1. Michelle says:

    I’d love to see a Buffalo, NY shirt!! Make that happen ;)

  2. rooth says:

    When you make that Buffalo map shirt, let me know as well! I’ve got a Bills fan that would love that

  3. Regarding this, I also have an AWESOME TIP for you! I recently discovered special city maps… Locals in cities all over the world share their insider tips on a HAND-DRAWN MAP:

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