Melted Crayon Art

Jessica Kerbawy, an artist and graphic designer from Michigan, has been making these unique works of art by lining up crayons on foam board and melting them with a heat gun. Visit Jessica’s Etsy shop to see more of her work.



(Images via Etsy)

7 Responses to “Melted Crayon Art”

  1. GaryR says:

    Wow! amazing art! Im so gonna get in touch to buy one :) awesome!!

  2. Mom2JulRee says:

    BUY one??? They are beautiful, but why not make your own? My 3 and 10 year olds did fabulous renditions of their own melted crayon art. However, since we live in Texas and are trying to endure the hellish heat, we decided to use Mother Nature’s heat source…the sun.

  3. dawnmercedes says:

    Wow…this takes me back to my childhood…and melted crayons on the vents! I love it!

  4. Ashlee Pratt says:

    I am interested in purchasing some art. Please let me know your prices and sizes of the pieces.

    Also, I am on the PTSA board at two different schools. We are in Arlington, TN. The high school has over 2500 students and the middle school has just over 600. Each year the high school has a silent auction. This serves as our primary fundraiser for the year and is usually held in October. The middle school is having our first silent auction in February. We hope, with these auctions, to raise enough to fund the needs of the teachers and students for the entire year. If you are able to donate to either or both of these functions it would be greatly appreciated. I love your work and would enjoy showing our community so they will use your services more often. Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

    Ashlee Pratt
    VP Ways and Means PTSA Arlington High
    VP Programs PTSA Arlington Middle

  5. Nikki says:

    i did one myself. came out the same took 3 seconds gosh why sell um make your own

  6. Laura says:

    I made my own. Of anyone is interested, ill sell my art work, which is exactly the same as these, for 30eur plus the cost of sending the paintings to wherever you live, contact me by twitter: @laugs.
    I would love to help.

  7. Shyanne says:

    I made one of these for my brother and it turned out really good. I love what you did mine was almost as good surprisingly.

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