The N-spired Story

The N-spired Story is a really unique project that’s unlike anything I’ve come across before. In a nutshell, here’s how it works: People submit a story to N-spired and each month users vote for the best one (the term “story” is used loosely here…it can be a personal experience, photo, a story from the news, or basically anything that’s interesting and inspiring). The winning story is then given to an artist who designs a cool t-shirt based on the story.


The shirt is sold for 10 days and a portion of the proceeds are used to fund a socially-conscious act that’s related to the story. Each story and it’s related design and social art is a “chapter” in the N-spired story and after 9 chapters are complete, they will create an actual book. Additionally, using a special augmented reality app, you can take a picture of any of the t-shirts and learn more about the story. Watch the video at the end of this post or visit N-spired’s website to learn more and join the story.

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