Tokheim Stoneware

Cold, minimalist design is all the rage these days but rarely can it make a home feel as warm and welcoming as traditional decor. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Gene Tokheim of Tokheim Stoneware for almost my entire life and I’m a huge fan of his work. Gene’s stoneware pottery, with its earth tone glazes and Scandinavian folk art-inspired designs, fills the shelves of my family’s home. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces that are currently for sale on Tokheim Stoneware’s website. Check out their online shop to see more.



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  1. Chelsey says:

    Their gallery is located near my hometown in south central MN. One of my aunts gave me a full tea set from them when I was born and I treasure it now.

  2. noormah says:

    The best coffee on the planet tastes even better when sipped from a Tokheim Stoneware mug. They feel so comfortable in the hand, the lip is the perfect design and just holding the mug gives one that certain touch of edgy class. Not too bad– just for drinking coffee!

  3. Lucy Tokheim says:

    Hey Martin,

    Thanks for featuring Tokheim Stoneware on! Congratulations on figuring out a great design blog.

    Lucy Tokheim

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