Back-To-School Wish List

It’s that time again…back to school. Hard to believe 3 months of idyllic mindlessness have gone by already. My grad school classes start up again soon, so I thought I would compile a “wish list” of items that could help make the school year a little more bearable (both in and out of class).


1. Vintage folding ruler from onebigeye/Etsy: $15

2. 3-Pack of Field Notes memo books: $9.95

3. Vintage Schlitz Malt Liquor tee from The Indie Pin: $35

4. Notebook socks from Ashi Dashi: $12

5. Orange You Glad office supplies bundle from Poppin: $50

6. iPhone Wallet from Landmarks & Lions: $59

7. Messenger bag made of old fire hoses from Elvis & Kresse: £205

8. Apple’s Keynote (b/c I hate PowerPoint): $19.99

9. USB Key flash drive from byAMT: $50

10. Highlighter pencils from Stubby Pencil Studio: $2

11. Washi masking tape from Paper Source: $11.50

12. Stanley flask from Blackbird: $24


So those are the things I’m lusting after. What’s on your wish list?

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