DIY Minimal Business Cards on the Go

The ever-clever Mikey Burton has come up with a fun idea that I just may try out. He was asked to participate in the “Designer Challenge” for the October issue of Computer Arts Projects and was tasked to put a new spin on traditional business cards. So his idea was to pare down a card to the absolute essentials: name, website and possibly a stylized bear illustration, and print it in a unique way.


What’s really neat about the cards that Burton made was the tool he used: a 3/4″ inspection stamp. Not exactly a paragon of style and modern design, but it works great for this purpose. Plus, it’s self-inking and it’s small enough to carry around in your pocket or on a keyring, so you can turn any scrap of paper into a minimal DIY business card.



I was really intrigued by this so I did some research and found a few places that will make fairly affordable, custom inspection stamps, in case anyone is inclined to try this out:

1) Fivestar Rubber Stamp

2) Stamp-Connection

3) Des Moines Stamp Manufacturing

(via Mikey Burton)

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  1. I like this stamp. Has a unique and classic design.

  2. Like that Samples … Looking Cool !!! and Simple as well !!! Facilitating in the form of KeyChane :))

  3. oce says:

    Love the !dea. Really cool.

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  10. Great idea! I want to do this with “uplifting” sayings on them for clients and really anyone I come in contact with. If they’re stamps they can work anywhere as well. Many thanks for the idea!


  11. mad sad says:

    I like this stamp

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