Yacht Club T-Shirt


Move over, tuxedo t-shirts. There’s a new sheriff in town, or rather, a new captain. The Port Noonan Yacht Club tee will undoubtedly make you the classiest person in the room and is a great excuse to buy a captain’s hat, if you don’t already own one (I do, by the way).


Buy it for $25 from The General’s Surplus. Update: Aw, crap. The shirt is sold out! Sorry, sailors.

3 Responses to “Yacht Club T-Shirt”

  1. Jesse Trippe says:

    Well that happened fast. The t-shirt is all sold out. I thought it would be a super easy halloween costume.

  2. Taylor says:

    Making anymore shirts? I would like to order a bunch for an event I’m doing

  3. Jim Purcell says:

    Are you making any more of these shirts?

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