Is It Old?

How many times have you received an email from someone with a link to some viral video that you saw years ago? “OMG you need to watch this video of a sneezing baby panda I found on the YouTubes! LOL!!!!!”

Yeah…I’ve seen it. 100 times. Two years ago.

But how can you really tell if a link you’re about to send to all your friends is old news to everyone on the planet except you? With the help of a website called Is It Old?, that’s how.

Plug in the link you’re about to send and you’ll be told whether or not the link is old or not.


So how does The Sneezing Baby Panda fair? You’re quickly told:

“ABORT. I don’t even know if computers can run this anymore. It has been tweeted 10,259 times already, and the first time was 802 days ago.”


A little harsh, but at least you won’t make a fool of yourself by letting the world know that the rock you live under doesn’t have an internet connection.

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