Laser Cut NYC Cork Board

Cork boards are probably one of the most useful things ever invented. They allow you to organize all important notes and reminders, but more importantly they’re a place to showcase embarrassing photos of your friends so that anyone who comes into your house will think you’re the “normal one” (little do they know…).

Well this laser cut cork board in the shape of Manhattan, created by Aminimal Studio, is refreshing upgrade from the plain old, square cork boards that most of us have. Ok, technically it doesn’t show all of the island of Manhattan (sorry to everyone living between Harlem and Inwood), but it’s still pretty cool.




Available for purchase for $75.

(Thank you, Frances!)

3 Responses to “Laser Cut NYC Cork Board”

  1. very very very awesome.

  2. Allan says:

    What’s with leaving out Upper Manhattan!?

    -sent from my computer on W 181 Street.

  3. game iwin says:

    What’s with leaving out Upper Manhattan!?

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