Upcycled Vintage Radios for the iPhone Generation

Los Angeles-based electrician and artist Devin Ward breathes new life into eclectic, vintage radios, making them compatible with their modern day descendants: MP3 plays and iPhones.

He removes all of the outdated circuitry, wiring and speakers from the radios and replaces them with high quality, modern components, as well an 1/8th” audio input jack so an iPhone can connected to it. I love to see when people rescue gadgetry of yesteryear and bridge the gap between “modern” and “vintage” so elegantly.






See more of Devin Wood’s repurposed vintage radios on Etsy.

2 Responses to “Upcycled Vintage Radios for the iPhone Generation”

  1. paul says:

    I have to have one. Tell me how!

  2. Aline says:

    Good morning,

    I liked this first mp3 radio, yellow. Do you have the one? If yes, i’d like know how Mutch is it, with shopping from Brazil.



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