Hand-Etched Typography on Wine Bottle Caps

When it comes to wine, I’m definitely not a snob. Whether the bottle has a cork or a bottle cap or comes in a box, I’ll happily drink it. But here’s one reason to opt for the bottle cap version: It can serve as a tiny blank slate for creating some custom, hand-etched typography, like these little beauties made by Cindy Sheldan. She scratches whimsical phrases into the metal lids with an X-acto knife, turning what would otherwise be trash into art.






See more of Cindy Sheldan’s scratched bottle caps. (Thank you Rosa!)

3 Responses to “Hand-Etched Typography on Wine Bottle Caps”

  1. I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist posting these! Aren’t they great!! Cindy and I worked together at a design firm in Vancouver for four years… she’s an amazing talent!

  2. Thank you Rosa and CMYBacon very much for the post! Scraped snowflakes coming soon – and I must admit – I’m inspired by bacon!

  3. CMYBacon says:

    You’re very welcome, Cindy! (and thank’s again Rosa). I’d love to see a bacon-themed scratch sometime!

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