8-Neck Guitar (No Really, I’m Serious)

We’ve all seen double neck guitars before. In fact, I was in a band in college called Isle of Lucy and our lead guitarist, Paul Anderson, rocked out on one at every show. But have you ever seen a guitar with eight necks? To be fair, this musical monstrosity isn’t just a guitar. It’s a mandolin, ukulele, 6 string guitar, fretless bass, fretted bass, 12 string guitar, baritone guitar and a 7 string guitar. What’s even crazier is that this isn’t just a piece of sculpture, it’s a playable instrument. Check out the video at the end of this post to see 8 people playing a rendition of “Crossroads” on it.


The “Rock Ock”, as it’s called, was designed by Gerard Huerta (pictured above on the far right) and built by Dan Neafsey (middle) for the National Guitar Museum. Gerard was kind enough to send me his digital rendering of the Rock Ock and a quarter size line drawing, as well as the first photo.



Check out this video to see the Rock Ock in action:

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