Balloon Lights

I may not be a kid any more, but dammit I still like balloons (I don’t get balloons on my birthday anymore, which kinda bums me out). Anyways, enough about my sad balloon-free life and onto something more practical, like balloon lights!


These ceiling and wall-mounted balloon lights from Estiluz are absolutely stunning. Granted, you’d need to paint your ceiling a dark color to get the full effect, but I’d say it would be worth it. For more information, visit Estiluz’s site.


(via this isn’t happiness)

2 Responses to “Balloon Lights”

  1. These are so awesome! I love balloons. It’s ok. I have a balloon free life too…

  2. ana says:

    hey, twitter said i should check you out. glad i did. (it’s usually wrong!)… cool blog. love the title.

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