Olly: Robot That Turns Social Media Notifications Into Smells

So this is a really unique idea. I came across Olly, the web-connected smelly robot, on Kickstarter yesterday…I’ve really never seen anything like it before. I’m not completely sold on it, as it seems like a bit of a novelty, but I’ll admit it’s a neat concept.


Here’s the gist of how Olly works: You first put an essential oil, perfume, bacon grease, or whatever you want into a little tray (below). Then, after configuring the device, it will emit that scent whenever you get a pre-determined notification from a social network like Facebook or Twitter. Image it like this, you’re sitting in your living room and suddenly you start smelling bacon. Delicious. But it’s also an indication that your significant other just sent you a message on FB, for example.


Olly was created by Benjamin Redford, a designer at Mint Digital in London. To learn more about this project, check out Olly on Kickstarter.

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