Breaking Bad Paper Dolls

Some of you may remember me saying that I’m a huge fan of Breaking Bad. Well I was really excited when I came across this series of Breaking Bad paper dolls made by Jackson, Mississippi-based illustrator Kyle Hilton. The little accessories that come with each “doll” are what make these great…so many little references to somewhat esoteric moments from the show.

And if you like these (or if you’re not into Breaking Bad), then I suggest checking out Kyle’s website. He’s made paper dolls for a whole bunch of other popular shows (Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny, Parks and Rec, and more…)








(via Capree Kimball on Pinterest) <–Highly recommend following her on Pinterest!

2 Responses to “Breaking Bad Paper Dolls”

  1. CapreeK says:

    I love these so freaking much. His “Always Sunny” ones were cracking me up, too! :D

  2. Randy says:

    Are these hosted anywhere else ? looks like the original hosting site has suspended

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