Brooklyn designers Evan Dublin and Brian Perisco have come together to create a series of “designer weapons”. While they may look like regular pieces of art or furniture, these weapons in disguise can be used to defend yourself from attackers and monsters.

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If bacon means more to you than your first born, then this Personal Bacon Tracker poster by Flummox Industries is for you. I love the title: “The Bacon Institute for Bacon”. Ha.

Hat tip to Design Milk for telling me about this.



These ghostly paper sculptures by Dutch artist Peter Gentenaar are absolutely stunning. The pieces pictured here are hung inside the abbey church of St. Riquier, which perfectly complements the celestial-like appearance of the sculptures.


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I’ve written about Iowa-based snarky t-shirt company, RAYGUN before on CMYBacon. In fact I own any number of their shirts. Well, they’ve done it again: They managed to come up with another topical tee so awesome that I just couldn’t resist posting it. Best part of this, is that I actually did find it on Pinterest. Keep up the good work, RAYGUN!


Buy it for $19

A clever, yet simple, poster by UK-based designer Abbas Mushtaq. Yep, there really are two sides to every story.


(via Behance)

After I came across the knitting pattern for these “Fightin’ Words” fingerless gloves by Annie Watts, I’ve decided that I should really learn how to knit. Seriously, how fun are these? Spring has sprung here in NYC, so it’s not exactly mitten weather, but still, I think I need to make a pair of these.



(via Kelly Beall on Pinterest)

Ok so I love minimalism and I love Legos. Faithful readers of CMYBacon have probably figured that out by now. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m in love with this new ad campaign for Lego created by Jung von Matt. Using very few bricks, they were able to recreate minimalist versions of characters from popular cartoons like The Simpsons, South Park and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Seriously, how cool is that?!



As many of you may know, I regularly write for the blog ManMade. Well I contributed a post there the other day that I decided to share with CMYBacon readers. As anyone that’s on Pinterest knows, there’s one thing that seems to be missing from the site: men. I’ve heard that Pinterest users are 70-80% female. So, I hunted down 20 men on Pinterest with good taste and compiled a handy dandy roundup of guys to follow. Visit ManMade to see the 20 men you should be following on Pinterest.

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