Ethereal Paper Sculptures by Peter Gentenaar

These ghostly paper sculptures by Dutch artist Peter Gentenaar are absolutely stunning. The pieces pictured here are hung inside the abbey church of St. Riquier, which perfectly complements the celestial-like appearance of the sculptures.







(via Abundance)

6 Responses to “Ethereal Paper Sculptures by Peter Gentenaar”

  1. Sanam Asad says:

    How does he do this!! WOW..where can I see the process of making these paper sculptures?

  2. Mandy Grant says:

    These are just beautiful. They are very textural and look tactile. They also evoke movement with a soft image. The space accents the beauty of them.

  3. Sarah Ashe says:

    Totally beautiful and so appropriate to the space. I too would love to see more of his work and understand his process…the scale is marvelous.

  4. Outstanding! And so beautiful! I too would love to see more of his work, and his technique!!

  5. Kalan McMahon says:

    Fascinating Objects… Voluminous presence in Space !!!

  6. I see wonderful collaborations with three dementional movable art installations.

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