Portraits of People Represented by Their Trash

The Republic of Pulau Semakau, a photoseries by Singapore-based photographer Zinkie Aw, explores the terrible environmental impact of Singapore’s (and the world’s) overly-exhausted landfills.


Zinkie says, “In 1999, after having exhausted the landfills on mainland Singapore, Singapore then created a Semakau landfill by enclosing Pulau Semakau and a small adjacent island with a rock bund. In this light, we, could all be considered ‘Founders’ of this reclaimed portion of the island. It has never occurred to us where all these rubbish end up in land-scarce and over-populated Singapore.”





The series has a dark message, but I also find it fascinating how distinctly a persons’ identity can be represented through their trash…

To see more photos from Zinkie Aw’s series, visit her website.

3 Responses to “Portraits of People Represented by Their Trash”

  1. This is a clever idea for photography! It shows personality without revealing faces, how cool is that?:) I wish I thought of this during my photography class project. LOL.

  2. zinkie says:

    :) Pls support and shareeee! Hope more ppl will be aware of what we are doing to turn the world into a big dumping ground.

  3. This is a clever idea for photography!

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