Canned Air from Paris

This Canned Air from Paris, created by Kirill Rudenko, cracks me up. My favorite part is the contents list (see the 3rd image)! Pick up your own can of Parisian air at Kirill’s Etsy shop.

6 Responses to “Canned Air from Paris”

  1. LOVE the formula. So funny.

  2. Fabulous packaging – makes me almost want to buy it though I live here!

  3. Cy Baldwin says:

    I have a friend that has just taken on a new objective to market his canned air…Its a recyclable product…..rather then the $7.95 each product….use this one till it’s gone and recycle it….over and over….Let me know if you are interested…..Loved your formula……….Thanks for your humor….

  4. Had to re-post on our blog, this is awesome, great post as usual Awesome Baconman!

  5. Geciktirici says:

    LOVE the formula. So funny.

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