Dog Names for Graphic Designers

Lately, I’ve been suffering from “I Want A Dog-itis”. I often get this feeling but lately it’s been especially strong. Naturally, I’ve been researching breeds, watching cute puppy videos on YouTube, and of course, thinking about what I’ll name my future little pup. I was thinking it would be fun to give it a graphic design-related name, so I came up with a list! Are there any other good ones you can think of?


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  1. Kelly says:

    I know a Vector, Pixel, and Raster. I vote Wysiwyg!

  2. Jenna says:

    Love this! Here are some others: Adobe? Zip? Hue? Kern/ing? Papyrus? (Kidding!)

  3. Rebecca S says:

    Our dog is named Pixel! I’m a web designer. I really like Vector, but when we get another dog, my husband gets to name him Ajax (he’s a computer programmer). Here’s a photo, if you’re interested:

  4. Vo says:

    We had a cat named Caslon, and referred to her kittens Gill, Goudy & Garamond as “Caslon’s little uncials”. So nerdy.

  5. Stuart says:

    My cat’s named Pixel…

  6. Justine says:

    Swatch(es)? Gaussian? Marquee? I’d totally name my pet Wysiwyg just because it’s fun to say.

  7. rcarmstrong says:

    I know of a Pixel, and I recall someone having a cat named Garamond.

    How about Renner, Sand, Sans, Chip (as in Pantone), glyph?

  8. Roberta says:

    Not specifically for graphic designers, but I had a litter of rescue pups who I named Flickr, Wiki, Twitter, and Blackberry(the only black one)

  9. kimberly says:

    we named our little low-rider ‘Link’. mostly for sausage link, but it fits since i am a UX designer :) although we do get the occasional zelda reference.

  10. Alison says:


  11. ElPocho says:

    For a designers dog’s name “Bit” has to be included!

  12. LDMDL says:

    Kernel Panic! hahaha

  13. Michelle M. says:

    My dog was pre-named, but I’ve always liked the idea of naming a puppy “Nurbs” which goes over into 3d territory, but fun nonetheless.

  14. Erin says:

    Our friends (both designers) had a dog called Logo.

  15. Phineas says:

    I know an artist with two cats: Tiff and Jaypeg.

  16. Josh says:

    My fiancé and I have a Boston Terrier/Pug mix named Logo!

  17. vjer says:

    I always thought Bodoni would be a great one.

  18. Mat says:

    Page. Or the pantone reference of the dogs colour.

  19. Callie says:

    What about Lorem? Or his brother, Ipsum?

  20. FLDA says:

    I have a french bulldog named Pixel :)

  21. kim says:

    A friend of mine named his cat Goudy—so adorable!

  22. christy broccardo-davis says:

    Love all the ideas! How about Mac (or Apple), Java, Grid … now you have me thinking!

  23. MaryZ says:

    Cool names! Consider adopting a shelter dog from Mine are great.

  24. brigid says:

    i call my daughter pica

  25. My cat is called PIXEL! Such a dude!

  26. michelangelo says:

    My dog names Logo

  27. naat says:

    what about: Pantone, Serif, Sans, Helvetica, Gutter, Regular, Margin, Arial (and for some pedigree pets could be Times New Roman ;)

  28. bd says:

    Comic Sans, HA! just kidding. Don’t want to loose my design card.

  29. Brett says:

    After reading the comments, it seems clear there’s enough Pixels and Logos. For something a little more obscure (and therefore unique), how about Aldus?

  30. Geraldo Protta says:

    I’m a graphic designer in Brasil, but my dog named Wiki.

  31. raman says:

    Our 10-year old dog is Serif:)

    …”Sans-serif” after the neutering:(

  32. Maria says:

    I would add CMYK and GUI!

  33. Beth says:

    Had a cat named Zoom for about 15 years. Always thought that if I added to the family, they’d be named Dodge and Burn.

  34. Evgeni Raev says:


  35. Amanda says:

    When infer an animal his or her name will be Ampersand!!

  36. Amanda says:

    When I get an animal**** silly phone!

  37. I know nothing of dogs or graphic design but surely Levi would be a classic for wearabillity? Puts the dog in old testament grace too.

  38. Dan Helphrey says:

    What about RAL?

  39. kevin says:

    Comic Sans, Helvetica, Webby, or SWF

  40. Monica says:

    I have two miniature dachshunds. My Mina, is a little monster and so her name would be: ‘Blue Screen of Death’.

    Max, (her husband) would be ‘copy paste’, he loves to copy Mina. He is the poster child for ‘monkey see, monkey do’. ;)

  41. Marks Dorcel says:

    Let this set of name are very helpful to the graphics designer through which they can identify the best one among these. Also all name are nice and unique one which is great one.

  42. Jen K says:

    I have always wanted to get a miniature & a full size of a breed then name them Pixel & Mega-Pixel.

    Though now thinking about it, Bit & Byte would be great as well :)

  43. ana says:

    how about serif?

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