Everybody Needs Someone: Aging-Out of Foster Care


The current state of foster children who age-out of foster care at age 21 is grim. Here are some stats: Nationally, 1 in 5 will be homeless. 1 in 4 will be incarcerated within two years of aging out. About 1 in 2 young women will be pregnant within one year. Only about half will graduate high school. It’s an epidemic, really, and few people are aware of how dire the circumstances for these young people are.

There’s a lot that needs to be done to fix the system, but first and foremost, this sobering issue needs to receive more attention before anything will actually happen. My good friend, Maggie Soladay, spearheaded a project by Salaam Garage in which a team of photographers, videographers and journalists dedicated to brining forth positive social change have spent the better part of a year documenting the lives of young adults who have aged out of the foster care system at 21.


To raise awareness for the issue, Soladay and team have launched a Kickstarter to fund a book and a photography exhibition at The Long Island Children’s Museum.

This is a worthy cause that deserves more attention, so do what you can and become a backer of their Kickstarter campaign. It ends in 5 days!!


2 Responses to “Everybody Needs Someone: Aging-Out of Foster Care”

  1. Norah says:

    Absolutely fabulous project– –give generously!

  2. Paretta says:

    Where are all the pro-lifers? Why are they not adopting or giving? I’m very sad for these kids and young adults.

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