Solar: A Beautiful New Weather App for iOS

Solar is a brand new (launched yesterday) weather app for the iPhone with a gorgeous user interface. This is an app where a talented designer was clearly involved (not every app can claim such a feat).

It’s a very simple app, really. Just dreamy colorscapes that change with the weather with 24-hour and 3 day forecasts. The coolest feature, however, is when you swipe up you can fast forward in time to pinpoint the time in the 24 hour forecast you’re looking for. This app won’t change your life or make qualified to be a storm chaser, but it is a gorgeous way to see if you need to bring an umbrella to work tomorrow.

Buy it in the App Store for $0.99.

12 Responses to “Solar: A Beautiful New Weather App for iOS”

  1. GZK says:

    the best meteo app, graphical, ergonomic, good typeface, i love it !

  2. Cool and simple app who works without problems.

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  4. NguuNgo says:

    very beautiful :)

  5. giay da nam says:

    do you know information App

  6. Giay nam says:

    very beautiful @^@

  7. Oh. very beautiful @^@

  8. very good. Thank admin

  9. I like the fact that the color will change when the weather changes ;) Good job!

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