Why no posts lately?

Due to an all-consuming schedule of working full-time at startup and attending grad school part-time, I have had to go on a blogging hiatus. Thanks for understanding. I hope to be back again soon.

What is this?

CMYBacon is a blog about inspiring and funny things in the world of art and design.


CMYBacon is written by Martin Refsal, a designer living in New York, but like most New Yorkers he’s a transplant (From Iowa…that’s the state with corn, not the one with potatoes. You’re thinking of Idaho.) Send him a message to recommend a link or say hello.

What’s CMYBacon?

The name “CMYBacon” is a pun on the four color printing process CMYK, which stands for Cyan Magenta Yellow Black*. Why did I change “Black” to “Bacon”? Because I like non sequiturs. And I like bacon.

So it’s not “See My Bacon”?



*Technically CMYK stands for Cyan Magenta Yellow Key. Key refers to the key plate, which is impressed with black ink. Some people say “K” is for the the last letter in black, but that’s not really the case. However, many people (including me) prefer to just say “Black” since that’s the color of the ink on the key plate. I guess it’s not entirely accurate but I’m set in my ways.