Dip dying marshmallows with food coloring! What a great way to liven up otherwise boring marshmallows. The food coloring is mixed with water, FYI (20 drops of food coloring for 2 teaspoons of water).


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As part of a how-to post I wrote for ManMade DIY today, I made this set of Breaking Bad themed Perler bead pixel art. Figured I would share with the CMYB crowd. Clockwise from top left: Walter, chemistry beaker, Jesse, ziploc bag of blue meth.


Garth Britzman’s installation, called (Pop)culture, is a colorful canopy made recycled soda bottles that are filled with a little bit of colored liquid. The bottles, which are suspended by strings, create undulating waves of color that almost remind me of the Dale Chihuly ceiling at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.


These stunning embroidered portraits, a collaboration between photographer Richard Burbridge and artist Maurizio Anzeri, are absolutely gorgeous. The photos are wonderful in their own right, but when combined with Anzeri’s modern embroidery, they become electrifying works of art.


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Lately I’ve been struck with nostalgia and have been playing around with Perler beads. Remember those things? The little plastic beads that you arrange on a pegboard and fuse together with an iron? I ended up going a little overboard this weekend and spent more time making children’s crafts than a grown man is willing to admit. However, it’s a blast so I’m not ashamed of my geekiness.

Here’s a sampling of the things I made. I was particularly proud of the Instagram icon.


I decided to make pixelated versions of famous paintings, so here we have Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.


I’m in love with these “carpets” made from plastic clothes pins by We Make Carpets. These so-called Peg Carpets were commissioned by the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, The Netherlands. The bold geometric patterns are really striking in their own right, but when you realize they’re made entirely from clothes pins they become even more impressive.


I’ve always had a thing for knives…I guess that’s what happens when you’re the son of a woodcarver. So with that, and my love of typography, it’s no surprise that I’m enamored with this typographic installation made of knives by Farhad Moshiri. The elegant script juxtaposed with a mass of sharp knives is quite striking.




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I came across the work of French artist Suzy Lelièvre the other day when I saw her Gravity Dice on Pinterest. Her impressive portfolio has a variety of unique art objects, but I was particularly taken with these distorted tables, which are nearly all warped and twisted beyond any sort of reasonable use.