These surreal ceramic versions of Nissin‘s iconic Cup Noodle soup were designed by Japanese design studio Nendo, which was commissioned by Nissin’s own museum. These distorted versions of the Styrofoam cup are all recognizable as Cup Noodle despite their melted, squashed or bloated shapes. Brings back memories of my college days…




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These ghostly paper sculptures by Dutch artist Peter Gentenaar are absolutely stunning. The pieces pictured here are hung inside the abbey church of St. Riquier, which perfectly complements the celestial-like appearance of the sculptures.


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This letterpress print by Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson, titled Forever Friend, is so fun. I just love the mid-century style colors and the happy imagery. Figure this is a good way to start out the week. Happy Monday.


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I came across this stuffed whale made of old denim jeans by Mevrouw Walvis and I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. She actually wrote a tutorial on how you can make you very own denim whale! I should note, however, that the tutorial is in Finnish, but Google Translate does a pretty good job at turning it into English, so check it out!




I just found my new favorite kitchen accessory: “Made In America” Pans, created by Alisa Toninato of FeLion Studios. She has created cast iron skillets in the shape of all 48 states in the contiguous U.S. (sorry, Alaska and Hawaii). Individually, the pans are beautiful, bespoke creations, but it’s even more impressive to see all 48 assembled together. Visit FeLion Studios for more information or to purchase a pan (or 48).




This is the second edition of my new semi-regular series, Etsy Finds of the Week. It’s a round-up of some of the great items I’ve come across on Etsy over the past 7 days.

Have you seen any amazing items on Etsy that I may have missed? Let me know!


Multi-Color Diamond Painted Hatchet by Cassandra Smith $91


Felted Heart by OnceAgainSam $25


Arrow Necklace by Stacey Foster / NativeShop $15


Collection of Vintage Tin Shovels by Suzanna Scott $225
Collection of Vintage Tin Shovels by Suzanna Scott

Wall Mounted Unicorn Head by Snew $35


Star Wars Droid Schematic Poster 2-Pack by Miles Donovan $25


Book (wine) Club Tote Bag by Sally Beerworth  $14.75

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I recently came across the book Crafting With Cat Hair (it was published in October 2011) and I must say, I’m intrigued. It had never dawned on me that you could actually make something out of all the hair your cat sheds on the furniture. But, according to this book by Kaori Tsutaya (and translated by Amy Hirschmaned), you can make felt and create needle-felted projects with cat hair! I guess what they say is true…cats can haz craftz.


Buy it from for $9.58

I can’t remember when exactly quilts started being so awesome, but it happened. And I love it. Kaleidoscope-y quilts of yore just don’t cut it anymore. This Great Lakes quilt by Emily Fisher of Haptic Lab, on the other hand, is so great that I want to burn all the blankets in my apartment just so I have a legitimate excuse to buy this.