Halloween will be here before we know it, so it’s time to get the DIY costume ideas rolling. I’ll be honest, though…creating a paper wig that rivals these ones made by Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry won’t be easy. Together, the duo, also known as as paper-cut-project, has amassed quite an impressive collection of paper wigs and various paper art installations inspired by the fashion scene.

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Matthew Cox is a Philadelphia- based artist who embroiders medical x-rays, adding a whimsical touch to the ghostly images. The images below are a selection from his latest body of work.

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Mark O’Brien, who has created any number of amazing cardboard sculptures, made this cool cardboard SLR camera. If only it actually worked, like the Lego camera I wrote about a while ago…

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What can you do with 773 empty cans of spray paint? Well, instead of throwing them away you could create a mural of sorts like this one by Nar Street Artist in Thessaloniki, Greece.



(via Saatchi Online)

Uruguay-based artist Ana Bidart has a really impressive body of work, but I was particularly intrigued by this series of a carved rolls of paper.

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Colombian artist Zaira Pulido has a very unique way of embroidering: instead of thread, she uses human hair. Even if that makes you a little squeamish, there’s no denying that her illustrative embroidered pieces are really incredible.

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Beth Ann Magnuson, an artist from Bishop Hill, Illinois, turns delicate eggs into intricately carved masterpieces that she calls Victorian Lace Eggs. The video at the end of this post shows her process, which is really quite incredible. The eggs are carved with a high-speed engraver, but what’s just as incredible is that she draws the lace designs on the eggs by hand.

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Megan Brain, a Los-Angeles based artist and paper sculptor, has a wonderful portfolio of illustrative, whimsical paper sculptures. Here are a few of my favorites (I’m especially obsessed with the totem pole).

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