I have been eagerly following the work of London-based artist Dominic Wilcox ever since I happened upon his paintbrush coat hooks a few weeks ago. Dominic’s latest project, Watch Sculptures: Moments in Time, is pretty mind-blowing: He placed tiny figures onto watch hands to create miniature animated scenes. Take a look at the video at the end of this post to see his little characters in action. You can check out more photos of the watch sculptures on Dominic’s Flickr page.

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These fun, Day of the Dead-inspired screenprints are a collaboration between Ernesto Yerena and Phil Lumbang. Individual prints can be purchased from Ernesto’s online shop for $45 a piece.




These fabric replicas of school supplies made by Los Angeles-based artist Megan Whitmarsh are really fun. Individual pieces (including others not pictured here) can be purchased at Grey Area. (Thank you, Anne, for sending this to me!)

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I’m of the opinion that masks and costumes need not always resemble anything in particular, as long as they’re awesome. Oh, and bonus points if they’re handmade. I’d love to show up at a costume party wearing one of these hand silkscreened paper masks by Fredericks and Mae.

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This Cold Cuts Coaster Set, a collaboration between designers Chen Chen and Kai Tsien Williams, hopefully won’t appear in your local butcher shop but I’d love to have a set on my coffee table.



(via WeWasteTime)

Dominic Wilcox made these fun paintbrush coat hooks for the Object Abuse exhibition at KK Outlet. Many a painter has had to deal with hardened (and ruined) brushes, but Dominic is the first one I’ve seen to embrace just such a happy accident this way.

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Not being a hunter, it’s unlikely that I will ever have an animal’s head stuffed and mounted on my wall, but I would gladly hang up this steel bear head sculpture by Wyatt Ellison. A wild beast made out of cold, hard steel watching over my den…it doesn’t get much more manly than that if you ask me!

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Milwaukee-based artist Cassandra Smith’s painted deer antlers have been making their way around the blogosphere lately and I thought it was about time I shared them on CMYBacon. I would absolutely love to hang a pair of these in my living room. Currently, Cassandra only has one antler for sale on her Etsy shop, but she says more are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for new, colorful antlers.

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